Don’t talk yourself out of greatness!

When was the last time you did something great?

All of us were inspired by a vision of the future, but you were in the past.

You made a decision about that future.

Your mind thought about the future event, your body took action, and you felt exiting new emotions like happiness, joy, gratitude, love,…

Why waiting for the event to feel the emotion?

If you knew your future was going to happen, how would you feel every morning, when you wake up?

You will feel a very positive energy, a vibration that carries information about the future you intend to live, but this time, is something new, out of your daily routine.

Your mind sees the future, your body now can feel new emotions, new possibilities, new experiences.

We are constantly seeking new experiences, to gain pleasure, or to avoid pain“.

The best way to create your future is to experience it today.

Feel today what tomorrow is going to feel, look, be like!

How many times have you been told out of possibilities?

Think of a time in your life you decided to do something great, but problems got on the way.

You did not get any support, life got too busy,… this experience generated certain negative emotions. Emotions linked to the thought of that past “failed experience”, and you did not get out of your confort zone either. You settled for mediocracy.

But, if you are committed to that end, you will say, no person, nothing can get me out of my dream today.

Think about something extraordinary you want to accomplish.

You do not know how you are going to do it, but you want to start thinking and feeling great about it.

Your state of being is how you think and feel.

These are a few things I invite you to do:

  • Make a decision right now to do it.
  • Make a commitment with yourself, or find an accountability partner.
  • Create a vision of the future.
  • Feel grateful, energised, and passionate already!
  • Take daily actions.

Soon, your behaviour will match your intention, and you will move into a new state of being.

Thank you for being here!
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