Facing crisis, trauma, or desease?

Most people wait for crisis or trauma, or desease or diagnosis to change the way they live.

They wait for loss, some tragedy to make up their mind to change.
The question is, why wait?

You can learn in a state of pain and suffering or you can learn in a state of joy and inspiration.

Most people live 70% of their lives living in survival and living in stress, so they are always anticipating the worst case scenario, based on a past experience and they literary, living in the past (out of the infinity possibilities in the quantum field), they are selecting the worst case scenario, worst outcome, and they are beginning to emotionally embrace it with fear and they are conditioning their body into a state of fear.

Do it enough time, your body has a panic attack without you.

You can’t even predicted it, because is programmed subconsciously, so people become attested to the rush of those emotions and they use the problems and conditions in their lives, to re-affirm their limitation so at least they can feel something.

The question is, are you ready to change?

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