Think Of Someone You Could Help!

1- Relax, and think of one person that you know your support, help, leadership will help her/him.

2- Write her/his name down.

3- List all the problems or challenges you can guess that person is facing in her/his life in this moment (personal, professional, social, relationships,…).

4- Now think, how would their lives improve if you were able to solve some of these problems?

5- What’s the good that is coming out of that?

6- Now, think about how would you feel, if you were able to help them overcome that (what emotions come to your heart)?

7- Did that person perhaps helped you in the past?

8- Do you think, if you were able to help the person you were thinking about, with those problems, and they were to experience the benefits you listed, do you think they would be interested in that conversation?

► What will you do, do help this person move forward in life?

When was the last time you helped someone you knew she/he needed help or support with?

We’d love to hear your experience after doing this loving act of kindness, and support!

With Love and Gratitude,


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