What is your Life Purpose?

I love helping people. My purpose in life is to help, encourage, empower, support people.

I love waking up in the morning, looking forward to my day, because I am going to help people, I live my purpose, because I have found it.

I believe in change; I believe in growth.

I spent so many years worrying, afraid, thinking that I couldn’t do something, or comparing myself to others.

The light within was seeking expression, but I wouldn’t let it shine, too afraid to fail.

One day, I made the decision I wouldn’t let thoughts, old beliefs, people, situations, … get on my way.

I am collecting the flowers of the seeds; I planted in the past.

Look within and ask yourself:

► Is this the person I want to be?

► Am I growing, or did I settle already?

► Is this the best vision of myself?

Let’s use science to explain and answer a few questions, in a very simple way.

Order and movement. The basic principles in the Universe.

Order and movement are, therefore, the Universe first laws (not men made laws, laws that work for the entire Universe).

According to the quantum model of reality, everything is made of energy, your body, the chair you are sitting in, the water you drink, but also your thoughts, your emotions and consequently, your actions and behaviors.

Let me explain the last sentence.

Energy is in everything, everyone, everywhere at all times.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed (changed from one state to another).

Think of a glass of water.

The glass is energy. The glass is made of crystal, which is also energy, vibrating at a very low speed (everything in the Universe is constantly moving at a certain level of vibration), the intensity of the vibration, determines the speed at which objects, in this case a glass, moves.

You, like the glass of water, are constantly changing, moving, but if you are not growing, by law, you are moving in the opposite direction.

Creation or disintegration, which one are you choosing today?

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